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In a technological world, we rely heavily on our computers, for both personal use and, in many cases, for work. With such a prominent reliance on our systems, it’s imperative that we keep them safe from outside threats such as malware attacks and hackers. 

As technology has advanced, malware has become an increasingly troublesome entity as it has quickly evolved to bypass many of the larger and more widely used anti-virus technologies. is your one-stop solution to staying ahead of the malicious actors distributing malware, and staying safe from the dark underbelly of an online world. Our website is dedicated to sharing the secrets of malware and how it’s distributed and is rich with detailed articles from security professionals. Furthermore, the very best anti-malware software is recommended, with tips and tricks on how to get the very most out of these vital barriers between you and the devastating effects of malware. By including all branches of differing malware types, we strive to bring you complete safety in an otherwise dangerous and malicious world.

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Cyber attacks come in many different shapes and sizes. Mal-ware offers expert advice and the very best in anti-virus software. Below are some of the many topics that will be covered across Mal-Ware. While this list isn’t comprehensive it does give a good indication of the variety of our topics and areas of assistance. 



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Keep your private life private and your computer free of malicious software. Learn how to stay safe in the digital world and how to keep hackers at bay from industry experts and ethical hackers.  


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Malware Attacks

Aside from the malware software out there targeting domestic computers, hackers have been known to launch vast, large-scale attacks that have had devastating consequences for major corporations and organizations. Take a look to discover some of the most infamous malware attacks the history of computers has ever seen. 



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